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KSB Hospital is committed to safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping our community protected and informed. At, you can find the latest data on how the pandemic is affecting our region. We hope this will serve as a useful source of truth for the Sauk Valley.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay smart. Together, we will see this through.

Local COVID-19 Data
Local Vaccine + Testing Resources

Data Trends

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Total Confirmed Cases and Deaths by County

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Current KSB Inpatients with COVID Symptoms:


Local Testing + Vaccine Resources

Covid-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free. After you are fully vaccinated,  you can participate in many of the activities that you did prior to the pandemic.

Testing for Covid-19 is offered at these area locations:

Vaccines are available to those 5 and older at many area pharmacies including these in Dixon:

The Lee County Health Dept also offers several walk in vaccination clinics each month.

For other location options or to schedule an online appointment,  go to

Local Vaccine Coverage

Percentage of Population Fully Vaccinated

Lee County


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Whiteside County




Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I receive a vaccine?

The vaccine is the most effective tool for ending this global pandemic. We encourage all our associates, as well as all members of our community, to consider a vaccine. Since the start of the pandemic, caregivers have been at risk for contracting the coronavirus in their work caring for patients and the communities they serve. Numerous nurses, physicians and other clinicians around the country have contracted the virus, and some have died.

Please visit the CDC for more information.

Myths and Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines

Accurate vaccine information is critical and can help stop common myths and rumors.

It can be difficult to know which sources of information you can trust. Before considering vaccine information on the Internet, check that the information comes from a credible source and is updated on a regular basis.

Please visit the CDC for more details.

Frequently asked questions

Visit the CDC website for answers to commonly asked questions about COVID-19 vaccination.

Can I get COVID-19 from the vaccine?

No, it is a myth that you’ll get COVID-19 from the COVID-19 vaccine. You will not get COVID-19 from the vaccine because it does not use the live virus. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines utilize a new type of vaccine, known as mRNA, which introduces a genetic code the body can use to make its own viral protein to induce an immune response to fight off the coronavirus.

It typically takes a few weeks for the body to build immunity after vaccination. It is possible to become infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 just before or just after vaccination and get sick—this is because the vaccine has not had enough time to provide protection.

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